Designed for Unprecedented Production Output

Nectar’s proprietary flow-through system design was created to maximize consistent high-quality production output while minimizing system down-time due to cleaning and maintenance between batches. The 1/5th scale facility design currently in the engineering phase has a capacity up to 22 metric tons of biomass throughput per day with built-in flexibility for small scale batch-continuous configurations. The underlying proprietary technologies of the isolation process are compatible with all species of biomass, including hemp and cannabis (marijuana), and can be combined at any desired scale of output while maintaining the same standard principles of design.


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1. Guarantees full preservation

An extraction process that guarantees full preservation of all components of the biomass, which sets the stage for simultaneous production of full spectrum extract and cannabinoid isolate from one system.
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2. Automatically removes solvent

Following extraction, the biomass is treated to remove all traces of solvent before discharge from the system, eliminating any requirement for hazardous waste containment and disposal.
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3. Targeted results

An in-line extract purification process that removes chlorophyll, plant pigments and waxes to a separate stream; this results in a high-value full spectrum oil that can be standardized by the reintroduction of the isolate.
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4. Integrated recycling mechanisms

The extraction media is continuously regenerated in a recycling process and reintroduced with new incoming biomass to maintain the low variable cost of operation.

Unique Cannabinoid Isolation Approach

The cannabinoid isolation process selectively targets and separates the specific compound of interest from the extract with an overall yield efficiency of 98.2% for both neutral or carboxylic acid forms. This high-throughput process benefits from the further advantage of our proprietary long-term storage technology. Tested and proven to provide shelf-stability of the isolate when stored at ambient temperatures for a minimum of 4 years with no evidence of degradation, our technology offers your organization peace of mind by guarding against market demand and price fluctuations.

The precision control over the conditions of the proprietary final decarboxylation step guarantees complete conversion to the neutral cannabinoid isolate without any oxidation or isomerization to more thermodynamic conformations.

Keeping with our elegant and comprehensive design, the standard system is configured to meet all required
specifications for European GMP production environments. API-grade production system variants can also be specified.

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