Designed for Unprecedented Production Output

Perhaps one of the most important innovations in the cannabis and hemp extraction industry is the recent emergence of a large-scale cannabinoid isolate batch purification technique known as Targeted Cannabinoid Salt Precipitation (TCSP). The underlying technology of TCSP relies on a simple acid-base chemical reaction that forms a solid salt with a specific target compound from a cannabis or hemp extract. This immediate phase separation that results from the formation of the salt, enables several degrees of molecular separation from a single solid-liquid filtration step that can only be achieved by conventional means after a combination of solvent extraction, distillation, and cool-down crystallization steps are carried out. The overall reduction in the number of process steps involved to reach the level of purification achieved by the primary targeted salt formation step is just one of many advantages TCSP offers over conventional methods of producing a cannabinoid isolate product from crude cannabis or hemp extract. TCSP is also unique in that it is the only purification method that enables simultaneous large-scale commercial production of both neutral (i.e., decarboxylated) cannabinoids and acidic cannabinoid compounds as separate single-compound isolate products from a single integrated process.

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