It takes original ideas to disrupt an industry. That’s why our researchers designed a technology that streamlines the cannabinoid isolation process while producing a reliably superior isolate.

  • Consistent Quality
Our researchers obtain third party verification to ensure Nectar’s technology is in full compliance with Health Canada’s safety guidelines. Nectar’s proprietary technology removes pesticides, impurities, and contaminants during the isolation process, resulting in plant-derived CBD isolate of +99% purity. Our industry-first process is so precise that we are able to isolate acid cannabinoids–such as THCA and CBDA –at consistent commercial production scale. Our targeted approach is specific for each particular cannabinoid; we guarantee the highest purity of any large-scale commercially available plant-derived isolate on the market. Not only does Nectar’s technology comply with European cGMP but is also compliant with API-grade manufacturing process specifications.
  • Production Capabilities
Our advanced technology solves a wide-spread industry problem: limited production volumes. Driving value from its scalable properties, this system was designed to produce significant quantities of high-quality CBD isolate. These unique processing techniques allow for virtually continuous operations, requiring a limited workforce and little downtime for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Unique Features
Nectar’s technology takes a new targeted approach to cannabinoid isolation, and makes distillation a thing of the past. Our cutting-edge technology combines principles of precision and selectivity typically associated with small-scale batch chromatography with the large-scale processing power and instantaneous speed of synthetic chemistry in a novel approach to plant-derived cannabinoids directly from crude extract. Whether your target is the acidic form or the neutral form our proprietary technique will simplify and streamline your operation. Protected by multiple Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filings with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) licensees of the Nectar technology enjoy an exceptional advantage over competitors and current industry best practices.
  • Economic Approach
Relative to current industry participants Nectar’s isolation technology demands significantly less capital investment. With its scalable design and intuitive application of a proprietarily formulated reagent, the system substantially reduces costs commonly associated with commercialized isolation technologies. Along with its cost saving advantages Nectar’s system also helps minimize risk of operator error through automation of critical process controls.

Nectar's proprietary system selectively targets and separates cannabinoids from the hemp extract.

Rapid Processing. Direct from Crude. Large Volumes of +99% Acid Form.

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